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The Devil You Know Illustrated Edition Signed Paperback

The Devil You Know Illustrated Edition Signed Paperback

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The Devil You Know, illustrated edition.


Tatum Danvers has plans and goals for everything in her life. Whatever she sets out to do, she achieves. There's only one thing she's determined to check off...

I’m all set for my first semester at college.

Dream field of study. Five year plan. Brand new notebooks.

But one thing can’t come to campus—my V-card.

Being a virgin isn’t the biggest part of my problem.

What I need to prepare for the full college experience is someone to teach me what to do in bed. Though I hate to admit defeat, this is one accolade I can’t earn on my own.

I have the perfect tutor in mind: my brother’s best friend.

Cooper Vale. Hometown heartthrob, sultry bad boy, and my neighbor since we were kids.

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