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Alpha's Burden Signed Paperback & Preorder Bundle (Optional)

Alpha's Burden Signed Paperback & Preorder Bundle (Optional)

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Fate chose the worst possible mate for me…my enemy.

Being bonded to Caden Blackburn used to be all I dreamed of. Those dreams were crushed the moment this pack branded my entire bloodline traitors for challenging his father.

Life in Silver Falls isn’t easy. As the only packmate unable to shift, I’m considered broken. No one wants a useless mate. Especially not Caden. Imperfections don’t fit within the rigid way he rules our pack as alpha.

I never thought he’d look at me with anything other than fury until our bond awakens. Instead of disgust, his gaze burns with desire, reviving feelings I buried once I’m in his powerful arms. We almost succumb to the pull to claim each other as fated mates.

But enemies don’t belong together. He reminds me by rejecting me in front of everyone.

I’ve learned to overcome whatever tries to break me, but in my shattered heart I wonder if I’ll survive the pain of Caden turning his back on me a second time.

Yet if he rejected me…why is he going feral if any other male tries to get near me?

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