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A Fractured Reign Special Edition Signed Hardback

A Fractured Reign Special Edition Signed Hardback

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Crowned Crows series special edition, book three.


The Crows are more than nightmares lurking in every shadow. They’re a brotherhood. Family. When threats creep in, they’ll protect what belongs to them.

Does a wrong make a right?
In my case, it has to.
The Kings gave me no choice, no chance to fold.
I betrayed the guy who believed he was protecting me while I gave his secrets away.
Now we’re enemies once more.
My brother and I burned all our bridges. Begging Colton DuPont for his help again is my only option.
The Crows demand a steep price, but to buy our safety I’ll do anything.
Even sell my soul to the man who wants me dead.

Our unmatched reign is going up in flames.
And I know exactly who our enemy is. Quinn Walker.
My queen turned out to be my downfall.
Any danger to my brothers is a threat I won’t allow.
Once these flames sputter to ashes and the dust settles, our next hunt begins.
My monster has come out to play, and I won’t rest until I get revenge.
Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice?
Baby, you better run, because I’m coming for you.
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